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We recently posted a pre-release free download of 8 tracks that we have produced.. These are all based on inspiration and revelation we have received in our own prayer and devotional lives. We would love to hear from you any ways God may have spoken to you from these songs. Check it out here, it’s all free so share with everyone.


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Global Challenge

Yes, following the launch of our Esther Melody Band Vision 2025 Global Challenge in June this year we have now set up a dedicated website, www.v2025.com  is where to go to take up the challenge and help ensure Vision 2025 comes to pass. There are still around 1900 people groups - which is around 200 million people without anything of the word of God in their language. Together we can be the generation to make it happen.

Register now and help create Bible Translation history.

That’s all for now folks,

Catch you soon!


E & C


A Quick Update Mon, 14 Jul 2014 02:59:53 GMT Webmaster Hey guys

Quick update on all things EMB!

For the past year we've been busy little beavers, I've taken on a number of piano/vocal students, Caleb's been playing drums for Derek Minor and will soon be playing for Jonathan Thulin on his tour as well as the two of us becoming the main musicians for a new Church here in Nashville!

On top of all that we've been working away at new music and are excited to announce that this weekend we will have a brand new release "Megamorphic" for sale at Raise the Praise Festival - at which we will also be playing our first US Mainstage set!!!  There will be a limited edition run for the festival but for those unable to attend (and in other countries) WATCH THIS SPACE as we will be doing a worldwide release in the very near future.

Thanks for always being awesome!


Esther & Caleb

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