Requiem for Steve

Holding close memories as near my heart as I can
Knowing full well I never knew much of what made you a man
I put ink to parchment; touch fingers to keys
I search for the rhythm your memory breathes
I’m not at all an authority on what made up your life
Heck, we never spoke of much more than what music we liked
But I remember the spark that lit up your kind eyes;
The dry humour that crept up, the funny ‘Steve’ lines
The time you took to relate to each one in a room;
The quiet way you encouraged my love for singing a tune.
You always showed up with tools and a couple of beers
Ready to help out and ease our family’s fears
One thing they’re all saying is you were one of the good guys,
that we will remember you in all the “good times”
I know what I know; I see what I see
Some may say my perspective is the product of dreams
But if I were to weigh all the evidence on scales
It would amount to far more than mere legend and tales
Your time came so soon, you were still so young
But your life wasn’t wasted even though it’s now done
I’ve got my eyes open, I’ve counted the cost
As far as I can see it
All is not lost