Meet Me At The Water

Intro, Vs and bridge

They gave me strange looks as I went to dig my well
The sand blew circles around me
We were in our driest spell
And I dug my hole as if it was good for my soul
Like I needed it to live, to love, to look forward and dream
I cried and screamed “Give me something”
Waited for ages and then you quietly said to me

Meet me at the water
Take off your shoes
I have been waiting
To sit and talk with you
We’ll have a conversation
And talk about the truth
Because I wanna get to know you

The work was done and it was time for chips and fish
I wanted a crabstick and tomato sauce as well
But I didn’t get my wish
We sat and spoke you gave us hope
You were actually interested in the things I had to say
And we smelled so good in our mozzy spray
Trying not to get bit ohhhhhhh