Not About Me (Song for Bro)

Verse 1
You’ve always been hungry
Longing for something out of reach
You couldn’t quite grasp, you couldn’t quite grasp
You’ve often been angry
The first to cry out it isn’t fair
When your wills and wants were dashed, your wills and wants were dashed

Don’t you think I know?
Don’t you think I see?
I wish you could learn from my mistakes
Instead of emulating me
Why couldn’t you learn the little I have to teach
I thought that I was missing out
Thought I had it figured out
I needed to see
It’s not all about me

Verse 2
In your mind you’ve been fighting
You think the ones who care are stopping you
From really being free, from really being free
You’ve taken to hiding
Hiding from everyone it seems
You’ve locked yourself away, you’ve locked yourself away

I want you to know I can feel your pain
Wasn’t long ago that I felt the same
I will try my best do all I can do
I want with all my heart to see you pull through
I love you

Verse 3
You’re crying out for more
Feeling that you are being deprived
You’re trying to endure