Come Home

I can’t help you anymore
You keep dragging me down
I won’t blame you for all the things I’ve done
Time for me to get away
To get away and find my own space without you
And I can’t have you near
Cause I know you might hurt me
And I don’t wanna hurt you
So this is goodbye for a while
I need it this way
Don’t know what to do anymore

I would give you the world
If I thought it might help you
Now I realize you knew this all along
You’re crying
You’re crying out in pain
Don’t you realize you’re hurting yourself?
You want freedom and you know how to get it too
You won’t let your lies be broken
By the one who can heel you

Simple message that you once learnt
Now forgotten in a discarded pile of memories
How is it so easy for us to lose the most important things?

You’re running and running as fast as you can
Denying the truth by your actions and plans
Into denial you’re blinded by lies and not matter what you think, you cannot hide
You’re spinning and spinning in a world of your own
Desperately trying to find your way home
You’re lashing out fighting but you do not know
You’re hurting the ones who love you the most!