I Wanna Live 4 You

I’d like to think that
I would have stood up for you
But when I really think
I know I would have been too scared to
Just like your followers
Who ran and hid to save their lives
I would have stood and watched
Safely while you hung and died

But I know
I want to honour you
Whether I live or die
I don’t care
I owe my life to you
Surrender it all

I want to live for you
I wanna live for you
Take it all
Take my heart
Take my whole life
There’s nothing I want more
I wanna live for you

You were betrayed
Humiliated, crucified
And you went through it all
For the very ones who took your life
And all for love
Your rights and feelings were denied
All for love you died
All for love the heavens cried

So I know
I wanna honour you
Whether I live or die
I don’t care
My life is yours anyway
Surrender it all

I’m giving all I have to give
I wanna do more that just live
I lay it down everyday
Choose to give this life away
You are the song I will sing
I wanna know the joy it brings
To love like you everyday
Choose to give my life away